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Orders are handled and shipped directly from our Food Hub operations utilizing only eco-friendly supplies. Orders are processed in a timely manner with planned delivery schedules packaged for delivery. 


Our Vision for Organics in the Marketplace

Local food systems are an important part of a growing region by building and preserving farm legacy and increasing food security for our citizens. Sustainability for the future with high Corporate Social Responsibility values increases our focus on the totality of our food impact for the customer and the resources of our planet. Harvest Michigan Inc. is a sustainable-focused and technology-centric, local food aggregator and processor for local and organic food products. Our core platforms are anchored in Domestic Fair Trade with an emphasis on collaborating with existing producers, Co-ops, and farm operators to create the "Great Lakes Organics" brand. 

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We create a paradigm shift as an aggregator in the regional food system through implementation of information technology, domestic fair trade and working direct with growers to increase supply/crop production for our region. 

From Food Hub to Your Door

It’s important to know what you’re eating. And it’s even more important to know what you are not eating. We want you to know that all of our growers and products/brands are certified organic, certified naturally grown or GMO-Verified. We know that buyers are seeking regional goods for food service or value-add production, who prefer to 'Buy Local' or "Buy American' for additional food safety and trace-ability.  We visit our growers and producers - so we know where our and your food comes from.

No guess work. Our products and raw materials are handled directly from our Food Hub operations utilizing food safety protocal and developing GAP/GHP protocal. We are developing a processing system for value-added grains. 

We provide only harvest ripe, local produce from sustainable agriculture growers. We manage the production schedules with our growers to forecast supply, increase production and bridge the supply gap for our customers.